Services for metaworld business

Metaworld business management,
customer support and advertising tools
We develop and provide the unique online services and tools to advertise, promote and maintain any metaverse-oriented business. All grids are welcome: Second Life and others.
Marketing and advertising is just as important to your business in Second Life® as it is to any real life business. We offer several ways to manage your virtual business' needs.
Our projects
BabelShark (2024)
BabelShark is a website and app localization service. It combines a power of automatic translation with flexibility of a manual correction.
SpeedLight Viewer (2021)
SpeedLight is a mobile viewer for Second Life virtual universe. It is a lightweight, cross-platform viewer. It allows performing all you need in your Second Life: login, stay online, contact your friends using IMs and local chat, teleport across the world.
SmartBots is an essential tool to manage your Second Life bots and groups. Empower your SL business with alive bots, benefit from using SL groups!
Ads-o-Matic is a grid-wide adboard network for Second Life. Advertise your projects on large noticeable adboards or become a publisher and earn weekly rent payments! / E2L
E2L Network is an online community which allows residents of Second Life earning Lindens (L$, the Second Life game currency) by completing in-world and online offers. You can earn money in numerous ways.
UserPowered is a widget and tool to gather users' feedback right on your website. Visitors express wishes, report bugs and vote for most demanded features.
Web and in-world access
All services we develop are easily-accessible and manageable via both web interfaces and in-world devices. At your choice.
Versatile payment options
We accept wide range of payment options, including Second Life L$, PayPal, credit cards and crypto. We also accept other grid's currencies by request.
"Guaranteed Visitors" program has been designed to draw a quality traffic to your business: people who have cash and incentive to stick around for awhile.
"Picks Booster" aims to boost the exposure and popularity of your business by establishing it as a "Pick" in SL resident profiles.
Ad Fusion is a grid-wide adboard technology which allows to effectively advertise products and services in SL.
The group features you can't use without Second Life bot: direct inviter, automatic notices and group IMs. Automati chat antispam, translators and even more.
SmartBots allows you to control your own Bot giving you full control over an avatar: movement, appearance and behavior.
User and customer reviews
E2L / E2L
SpeedLight Viewer